About Us

Little Feet Renovation Inc. has its origins in the McGahan family tradition of fine woodworking and artisan craftsmanship. As sculptors and carpenters, the McGahan’s have been transforming homes in the San Francisco peninsula for over 40 years. Little Feet specializes in custom remodeling solutions, entertainment spaces, sculptural installations, and kitchen & bath remodels.
Our President and founder, Dustin McGahan has been helping communities remodel for over 30 years; from single-family homes to high-end estates, and commercial showrooms to historical renovations. Regardless of the project, Dustin uses his fine art training to deliver only quality projects with unique intentions.
Harmoniously, Dustin’s love of design merges with years of experience as a sculptor and sustainable building practices. Little Feet is capable of providing your home with all modern conveniences, energy-efficient features, and a style singular to your vision.